Best Interview Skill And Techniques

Best Interview Skill And Techniques

No one escapes the need to prepare for a job interview, not even the smartest candidate and the most qualified. Why? Because the provision in an interview is not an innate skill and we never two opportunities to make a good first impression. So go ahead and study these 10 strategies to enhance your interview skills. This post will help you to learn best interview skill and techniques.

Best Interview Skill And Techniques

1. Pay attention to your nonverbal communication

This is a great way to demonstrate confidence in you: Stand up straight, make eye contact and give a firm handshake and candid. This first impression can not produce a good verbal bait – or an abrupt end – for your interview.

2. Dress according to the position or business

The casual office that are accepted today in some quarters are in no way a justification for getting dressed “like the others” for an interview. It is important to opt for a professional appearance and impeccable. The choice between a three-piece suit (a suit for women) or an outfit less formal depends on corporate culture and the position you are applying. If possible, call before the interview to inform you of the dress code of the company.


From the very beginning of the interview, the interviewer sends you information, either directly or indirectly. If you do not listen, you let slip a great opportunity. Good communication skills include listening carefully and to inform the caller that you understand what he said. Observe your interviewer, and comply with his style and pace.

4. Do not speak too

This can be a fatal mistake to say more than what you are asked. If you did not prepare in advance , you could answer the questions too vague and too long, which can earn you a automatic exclusion. Prepare for the interview by reading the job offer: twin your skills to the job requirements, and stick to it at that.

Best Interview Skill And Techniques

5. Do not be too familiar

The interviewer is a professional who meets with you to talk business. You are not here to make a new friend. Your level of familiarity should be adjusted according to that of your correspondent. It is important to be energetic and enthusiastic, and ask questions, but never go out of your role: that of the candidate seeking employment.

6. Use appropriate language

Obviously you should use professional language. Refrain from using too familiar phrases and slang terms, or any reference to age, race, religion, politics or sexual orientation – topics that can send you out of office very quickly.

7. Do not be pretentious

Attitude plays a key role in the success of the interviews. There must be a balance between confidence, professionalism and modesty. Even if you get on stage to show your ability, overconfidence is as bad as or worse than an attitude too reserved.

8. Respond accurately to questions

When an interviewer asks you a example of when you did such and such a thing, he wants an example of your behavior in a given situation. If you do not respond by a specific example, not only you do not answer the question, but you’re also missing an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and talk about your skills.

 Ask questions

When asked if they have questions, most candidates answer “No”. Wrong answer. To make a good interview, you should be prepared to ask questions to demonstrate your interest in the recruiting company. It can also help you determine if it is a position for you. The best questions are for listening: to the end of the interview, ask for additional information or clarification.

10. Do not seem desperate

The attitude “Hire me, I beseech you” only serves to make you look desperate and broken trust. Serenity, calm and confidence are the watchwords. You know you’re qualified for the position: just make sure the interviewer knows it too.

So above Best Interview Skill And Techniques will tech you to the proper guideline for your interview preparation.

10 Worst Mistakes In A Job Interview

In my experience as a professional recruiter I found the following major mistakes candidates made while in an interview

* Candidate using their phone during an interview

* Not wearing appropriate attire

* Interrupting the interviewee mid way during questioning

* Not using appropriate eye contact with their interview panels

* The candidate providing long… long… long answers that don’t really have a point or a good example

* Not really knowing the company because no research was conducted before the interview

* Not bringing their resume and job description along to the interview

* Asking questions in the interview that suggests intentions to apply for a greater role capacity within a short time period when not required

* Asking for the salary expectations in the first stage of an interview

* When shaking hands having a really strong grip.  (I can’t tell you the amount of times people did that to me and really hurt my hand).  Was off putting.

These are small points but good ones.

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