Simple Cover Letter For Job Application

Simple Cover Letter For Job Application

A cover letter is very important to your job applications. Simple Cover Letter For Job Application is a simple letter that you will send with your resume or CV when you’re applying for a new job. It gives an employer the first impression of you a good candidate. Your cover letter is supposed to demonstrate applicants for your skill and experiences. So a cover letter is very important for your job application. In this post, you will find a simple cover letter for the job application and how to write a simple cover letter easily.

Simple Cover Letter For Job Application Tips

The simple cover letter is well structured and divided into different sections for readability and easy access. This will make it easy for the employer to see the strong points of the writer and hence he has a great edge over other job applicants in winning the job.

A well-structured cover letter is a key point for your job application. It helps you to find better jobs for you. Also, a good cover letter represents your good personality to your employer.

Remember that the cover letter is able to convince the employer to hire you.

Simple Cover Letter For Job Application Checklist 

Please find below checklist when you write a cover letter. This checklist is very important for every cover letter.

  • Show date on top of the cover letter.
  • The cover letter starts with TO and to be a specific person or Head of HR or any address which is shown on the job circular.
  • Show your subject heading and post name on the subject.
  • In description mention source of the job circular.
  • Also in the description must show your experience and skill.
  • If possible please specify why you are the great fit for this job.
  • You must put a signature in hand before your name.

Simple Cover Letter For Job Application Sample

Here is the below example of the simple cover letter. You can alsodownload this format cover letter pdf file from below link.

Download Simple Cover Letter For Job Application pdf

Cover Letter Sample For Managerial Positions 

October 21, 2018


Human Resources Officer,


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Subject : Application for the position of “Admin and Finance Assistant (Sirajgonj)”.     

Dear Sir,

In response to your job advertisement on “ online job posting”, I like to apply for the position of “Accounts Officer” in your esteem entity.

My necessary Particulars are attached herewith for your kind consideration. You will note from my enclosed CV that I my education background as well as the full-time job assignment last 3 years  through which I have had exposure and hands on experience in Accounts make me an ideal candidate for the position.

Three years of work experience (see enclosed CV) have taught me to do all phases of accounting and finance work. I believe working in a reputed organization like your one will provide me excellent opportunity for my career growth in the area of Accounts department. I am confident that if provided the opportunity to serve your organization, I will prove myself to be an important asset for your company through my dedication, sincerity and highest level of professionalism.

  • I have to handle all types of report compliance regarding international accounting or auditing standards and other local rules and regulations.
  • Complementing my work experience are my studies BBA & MBA. In addition to studying the prescribed courses I gathered practical knowledge which helps me to set my career objective.
  • Present Salary 20,000/= per month.
  • My Expected salary 25,000/= per month.
  • Date of Availability 15 Novemebr, 2018

In addition, I have the personal qualities that would fit me harmoniously into your organization. I like people, through experience and learned how to work with them as a team leader and player. My preparation has designed in preparing me for the work in the Accounts department according to the requirement of the Company.




Contact Number:

Download Sample Cover Letter For Managerial Positions Pdf 

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